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Funny Holi Quotes – As you all know that Holi will be celebrated on this 1st and 2nd March this year. Friends, colors of Holi with Holi have now started to become very populous in many countries of the world. On Holi, we all congratulate each other for Funny holi wishes, Funny holi messages, together with Facebook and Whatsapp, we have to update the status on social media also. That’s why we have brought Holi Funny whatsapp status and Funny Holi Images which you definitely upload in your profile. Friends, if you like this status, then share your shares with your friends too. Happy Holi Friends.

Funny Holi Quotes
Funny Happy Holi Quotes

Bright colours, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of a perfect Holi. Happy Holi !!!!

अगर किसी के पास शोले फिल्म के
गब्बर सिंह का नंबर हो तो

प्लीज उसे बता देना कि
होली 1 मार्च को है

नहीं तो बार बार परेशान करता रहेगा

होली कब है ?… होली कब है ?…

If wishes come in rainbow colours then I would send the brightest one to say Happy Holi.

रंग बरसे भीगे चुनर वाली….
रंग बरसे ओ रंग बरसे भीगे चुनार वाली…
रंग बरसे, अरे रंग बरसे भीगे चुनार वाली..रे !
अब घर जाओ नहीं तो ज़ुकाम लग जायेगा..!!

Funny Happy Holi Quotes

Funny Holi Wishes Quotes – The festival of Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India, because it is a religious festival, that is why Holi is worshiped in the houses after holika day and holi is greeted by each other, blessed goes. The next day Dhulandi is celebrated with full fun and fun, people on this day play Holi with colors. It is believed that Lord Krishna had started playing with colors and since then this practice has come. Holi ki Shubhkamnaye is the popular festival of Hindus to all of you. Send this Funny Holi Quotes, Funny Holi Wishes, Happy Holi Funny Images to the devotees, Holi funny pictures and good holi wishes.

Funny Holi Wishes For Friends
Funny Holi Wishes For Friends

All are child inside and festival will bring out the child in us. So, let’s celebrate the festival of colors. Happy Holi!

एक आदमी होली के दिन ये गुनगुना रहा था –
घर में नहीं है पानी तो होली कैसे मनाऊ रे..!!
घर में नहीं है पानी तो होली कैसे मनाऊ रे..!!
उसका ये गाना सुनकर पड़ोसी ने कहा : पानी हो ना हो, होली तो मनाना चाहिए।
उधार ले कर ही सही, साल में एक बार तो नहाना चाहिए !

A loyal and caring relation does not need to speak loud, a soft but lovely greeting is enough to express the heartiest feelings. Happy Holi to you and your family.

The dominant idea behind Holi festival is that we should live more in harmony with nature instead of trying to destroy her and make her our slave.

Funny Holi Quotes 2019
Funny Holi Quotes 2019

Funny Holi Wishes In Hindi

Funny Holi Wishes Messages – The festival of colors is just coming to Holi and blessing on the elderly is very important for Holi. So how to delay Holi greeting This time, before Holi, make Holi special in advance. Share this Funny Hindi Holi SMS to your Friends and your loved ones. Read more Funny Holi Wishes. Holi is a traditional festival of our country which has been celebrated very gladly. It is a different matter that the way people celebrate it has become different. Before everyone used to go to the house of colored friends, then someone used to sit at home and spend time entertainment. But nowadays all people send Funny Holi Quotes Funny Happy Holi Images and Funny Holi Wishes messages to each other on the phone.

Funny Holi Wishes In Hindi
Funny Holi Wishes In Hindi

Holi is fun when you have your dearest friends and family members to celebrate,A very Happy Holi to you buddy!!

Let us make this festival a way to express our love using the beautiful colors and water balloons. Let us get drenched in our friendship and make this Holi the most memorable for all of us, Happy Holi

Time to express your love has come….
Time to express your affection has come….
Time to forget and forgive your loved ones has come….
Time to indulge in feast and festivities has come….
Let us bond together again on this wonderful occasion…..
Happy Holi to you my dear friend!!

Funny Holi Quotes With Images

Funny Holi Quotes – Festival of Holi is a festival of colors, which is of great importance to the people of Hindu religion. Congratulations on the day all people give each other a color and gulal. It is said that the enemy is also embraced on this day, but nowadays, because of the excessive use of the Internet or because of the distance, people can not meet each other, so that is why we tell you some excellent congratulatory messages on the occasion of Holi. Which is very important for you, which you can share these funny holi quotes in hindi, funny holi wishes messages and funny holi images with your friends.

Funny Holi Messages In Hindi
Funny Holi Messages In Hindi

Aayi hai wo ghadi jab har gam aur har duri ko bhul kar saath aane ka hai avsar….
Aaya hai wo pal jab sath mein khushi manane ka hai din….
Aaya hai wo parv jab sab saath mein milkar manayeinge khushiyan hazar….
Dosto aa gaya hai Holi ka tyohar…. Happy Holi!!!

गर्लफ्रेंड: रंग लगवाने का क्या लोगे ?
ब्वॉयफ्रेंड (शरारत से) : ज्यादा नहीं बस चार किस.
गर्लफ्रेंड: और अगर पानी भी डालूं तो ?
ब्वॉयफ्रेंड: बस 10 किस…
गर्लफ्रेंड (शैतानी से): आ जाओ दादी बाहर, लगा लो रंग अपने निकू को.

Holi is the time to forgive….
Holi is the time to play pranks….
Holi is the time to make you smile by torturing you….
Get ready for more fun and more surprises this Holi as we are all set to make it a memorable one….
Bura na mano Holi Hai!!!! Happy Holi to you!!!

Happy Holi Funny Images

Funny Holi Quotes With Images – Holi festival is a festival celebrated with great fanfare throughout India, on this day all people greet each other on the day by wearing gulas and colors. Holi is celebrated every year in the month of March, which is celebrated by people of all religions, besides Hinduism, with great pomp. That’s why we tell you some wonderful specials for Holi, which you can send these funny holi images, holi funny pics, holi funny quotes images, funny happy holi wishes with images to your friends, family members.

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