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holi wishes for husband 2018
Holi Wishes For Husband – Holi signifies the strength of India as a secular country and world’s biggest democracy as there must be no other country in the world where people belonging to all religions invest their time in celebrating the very Hindu festival of colours and this is also known to be the day where people usually forget all their worries and enjoy this wonderful day with immense enthusiasm. We have heard a lot about all the stories that are attached with the day about how it began in the first place through our mothers and grandmothers. So let’s discuss much more bigger a topic than that. It may not seem right at first but there is actually much more to the festival of the colours that meets the eye. Share these holi wishes for husband and holi messages for your hubby and celebrate the festival of love. The socio cultural and environmental benefits of the festival are so on the higher level to ignore. Send a beautiful Happy Holi wishes to your husband and Holi Quotes For Husband express your colors of love to him.
holi wishes for husband

You are a color which completes my life in true sense. I would have been incomplete without you. Happy Holi dear husband

“You filled my heart with so many colors of happiness. My life looks so colorful now. Thanks for making my lie so beautiful. Happy Holi My Hubby.”

Our life is blessed with beautiful colors that bring happiness to our life. Happy Holi dear Husband

Happy Holi Wishes For Husband

Holi Wishes For Husband – There are several little and big rituals attached with it, so we ask you to enjoy the day to the fullest without thinking much and follow each and every tradition. If you are going to celebrate it, do it with perfection, that is what our ancient scriptures have said and as they have constantly mentioned the festival, we intend to tell you some more facts about the festival of colours. Your loving Holi Quotes For Husband makes him feel special and make your relationship stronger.
Happy holi wishes for husband


Dearest hubby, may our lives are blessed with beautiful colors of life that bring happiness to us. On this festival of colors, I pray for your success and joy.

“Holi is the time to celebrate the most beautiful feeling of love. Happy Holi to you My Husband.

Red is for love, green is for happiness and pink is for romance. Let all these colors brighten our lives forever. Wishing you a colorful and romantic Holi. Happy Holi my dearest husband.

Aa mere pass tujhe apne hathon se sawar du, Laal rang ke gulal se tere gaalon ko nikhar du.

Being with you makes my life colorful and gives me the brightest color to shine my way. When you are around me, the world seems the mingling colors of place, red, yellow, green and so on. I wish each day of our life will be colorful like Holi. Happy Holi my dear.

Holi Quotes For Hubby

Happy Holi Quotes For Hubby – All the myths attached with the festival just point in one direction, the triumph of the good over evil and the gods over demons. This may seem quite juvenile but if we give it quite a hard thinking, this makes us realise that our country and the world In general is suffering from many different social and environmental evils such as poverty, corruption and global warming and if we work hard towards eliminating all the social evils with a pure heart and a good intent, we will definitely be successful in doing so and will make the world a better place to live in. Share these lovely romantic Holi quotes to your hubby or the man in your life to wish him Happy Holi 2019.
holi wishes for husband

Es Holi me tere galo pe gulal lagana hai, Tujhe sunhere rango se bhigona hain Tujhe apni baaho mein utha ke Mere honto ko tere honto se milana hai.

You sprinkle colors in my life and make it complete. Without you I am nothing, just like Holi without color. Always be with me and paint colorful dreams of our future together. I love you and don’t let me go. Happy Holi.

Galiyon mein niklo bana ke toli Har ladki ki bhigha do choli Jo musukuraye use baahon me bhar lo Warna rang lagao aur keh do Happy Holi. Wish You Happy Holi

Holi Messages For Husband

Holi Messages For Husband – These myths inspire people to have a clean heart and soul all the time and to work hard towards our goals and even we fail at first (all the deities had to go through troubles more than once), we should keep trying and if we are being honest with ourselves, we may get there in no time. One more reason to celebrate the festival of colours is, this is the time of the year when most of the harvest in the fields are blooming which gives immense sense of joy to the farmers and they do have a very ‘real reason’ to celebrate the occasion, Holi just gives them that opportunity. Here are some sweet love holi wishes for husband and holi messages for your lovey-dovey which are the best way to wish your someone special
holi quotes for husband
Pariyon ke rang damakte ho, Khushiyon ke jaam chalakte ho, Mehboob nashe me chakate ho, Tab dekh baharein holi ki… Jab falgun rang jhamakate ho..
When you take me in your arms, I feel the color of love, when you dry out my tears, I feel the color of friendship, when you share your joy and pain, I feel the bright color of caring. My Holi is all about you. Happy Holi.
Jab bhi aati dekhi holi, Raat andheree mujhe boli. Subah ka rang me dungi tujko Subah ne par aankh na kholi
Each color tells some stories of us; red reminds me the days of our love, blue reminds the smiling moments of together and so on. I wish I always enjoy all the colors with you in my life. I love you and be with me together forever. Happy Holi.
Rang nahi thi umang nahi thi Khushio ki koi bhang nahi thi, Aisi thi taqdeer meri ki, Holi ki hurdang nahi thi….
World seems beautiful because of you. You are with me, life is perfect and colorful. Don’t let the colors fade, because it is the colors of our love and happiness. I made beautiful memories with you and I want to spend the rest of my life only with you. Happy Holi.
Subah rangeeli shaym rangeeli aisi aayi thi yeh holi. Sab par barse rang kayi, Par khali thi meri jholi
holi messages for husband

Happy Holi Wishes For Husband

Happy Holi Wishes For Husband – Holi also works as it points towards strengthening the social fabric of the country as we have mentioned before but the least known, the environmental benefits are there as well and to some degree, and they do make sense. The spring time is known as not quite ideal for the health as many bacteria’s begin to show up in the air and the fire emerging from Holika takes quite good care of them due to the items offered in fire like Kapoor and Cardamom, etc.
So many reasons to celebrate, so much to enjoy, this is very well be the ‘big fat Indian festival of colours’.

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