Tired of the Traditional Christmas Colors? Try Something New

Traditional Christmas Colors

Historically, the traditional Christmas colors are red and green. The tradition got its start in the 14th Century, became ingrained in American society and accepted as the colors that represent Christmas. If red and green just isn’t your thing, don’t let tradition stop you. Get creative with some of these new and interesting color combinations.

New Christmas color traditions

If you want to try some new colors this Christmas, there is absolutely no reason to keep carrying on the tradition. Instead, start a new tradition in your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stick with your personal decor choices

Choose colors based on your home’s decorating scheme. If you have contemporary black and silver in your modern home, choosing a rustic theme with burgundy’s and hunter greens just won’t fit. Choose Christmas colors that complement the colors in your home.

Choose colors with equal depth

Pastels work together — peach, butter, baby blue, lilac and mint complement each other. If you prefer stronger colors, try deep jewel tones together like navy, hunter, and deep red.

Work with neutrals

White, ivory, and metallic colors, brass, gold, silver, pewter, rusted iron, are your neutrals for Christmas. Choose one or two neutrals to work with and add in one or two other colors that complement each other. For example, white, silver, and blue or sage green, ivory, and pewter.

Shop for ideas

If you aren’t the creative or decorating type, go shopping for ideas. Go to stores and check out the tree displays to see what colors their professional designers combined.

You can also get some great color combination ideas by looking at Christmas gift-wrapping paper. Find a pretty paper you like that would fit in with the decorating feel of your home and use those colors. Also Check [New Year 2019 Wishes]

Tried and true combinations

If you want to try something different from the traditional red and green, but are wary of choosing your own colors, try some of the tried and true combinations that work well together but still aren’t traditional. Some of these are:

— Red, white, silver

— All white

— Any color combined with gold, white or silver

— White, blue, and silver

— Ivory and brushed gold

— Bright purple, blue, and green

— Silver-blue, lilac, and silver

— Beige, brown, golden yellows and rust

— Forest green, burgundy, and gold

— Red, yellow, and blue

— Monochromatic schemes

There is no reason to stay with the traditional colors of Christmas. Be brave and venture into unchartered territory with some new Christmas colors this holiday season.


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